APHA's Billion Steps Challenge FAQs — #APHABillionSteps

Our goal is to collectively walk 1 billion steps by April 12. We hope to get as many people as possible to start the habit of moving every day. We know consistent physical activity like walking helps prevent chronic disease and improve quality of life, mental health and healthy aging.

What devices can connect to Walker Tracker?

Walker Tracker supports most major fitness trackers, including (click on your device's name for instructions on how to connect).

If you have any issues connecting your device, just click the blue button in the lower right hand corner of your program dashboard on the desktop or the "Contact Support" button on the app to send the Walker Tracker support team a message.

How does syncing work?

Walker Tracker does not sync directly from your device. Rather, it pulls in steps from your device's account. Because it pulls steps in from your device's account, you need to sync regularly with your device's app. This way, your Walker Tracker account can stay current with your steps. If you wait to sync for several days it can take longer than usual for steps to come into your Walker Tracker account.

I don't have a device. Can I manually enter my steps?

Yes. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to enter steps manually.

Why won’t my steps load?

You must sync the app to your phone’s health app and the steps should update automatically (that means opening the Walker Tracker app everyday). If not, steps and activity must be manually logged.

Where are my steps from before I downloaded the app?

Walker Tracker will only calculate steps done starting from the time you download the app and create an account. 

Why can’t I create a new account on the WalkerTracker app?

To create a new account from the app, you must type or paste the url: https://aphabillionsteps.walkertracker.com in the box.