Team Captain Corner — #APHABillionSteps

Create your own team 

The team competition is purely for fun...and bragging rights, of course. You can create your own team with a group of friends or colleagues, start a team for your company, or promote an event to get your whole community walking. Set up your Billion Steps Challenge team on Walker Tracker and track steps for both yourself and your team.

Good luck to you and your team!

Step 1: Register your team with Walker Tracker

We're excited to welcome a variety of team efforts representing APHA Affiliates, APHA Sections, college alumni groups, company teams and public health departments. We also encourage groups of friends or families — all are welcome. 

Teams of two or more can compete together to step to the top of the leaderboard. Compete as a team by following these steps:

1. Nominate a team captain and decide on a team name/image.
2. The team captain will then register the team at
3. Create an account if you haven't already, and connect your device.
4. Toggle to the teams tab:

Screenshot of Walker Tracker webpage and teams tab

5. Click "CREATE A TEAM":

Screenshot of Walker Tracker webpage and CREATE TEAM button

6. Input your team name and decide if you want everyone to be able to join your team whenever they like, or if you team is by invitation only:

Screenshot of Walker Tracker webpage and team name input field

7. Select "CREATE TEAM" to successfully complete your team.

8. To view the challenge and your team's progress, or to edit your team's image, click your team's settings panel option under the teams tab:

Screenshot of Walker Tracker webpage and your teams panel

Screenshot of Walker Tracker webpage and teams settings panel

Step 2: Invite people to join 

Team members can join your team through the teams tab or the Walker Tracker app by joining the group and searching for your specific team name. You can also invite people by their user name or real name on your team page. Make sure you provide the team name when you invite people to join the Challenge. Share your team name with anyone you want to join your team. They'll be able to search for it when they join the Challenge.

Download and use the following email templates (Word) to communicate with your team members:

Invitation email – describes the walking challenge and invites people to join.
Encouragement email – motivates participants to keep walking.
Closing email – if you focused on a shorter time window for your event, this email announces final results and encourages people to keep walking through the end of APHA's Billion Steps Challenge.

Include this text in your newsletters to members and supporters:

Help us take 1 Billion Steps!
Walking is one of the easiest ways to improve your health — and it’s more fun if we do it together. That’s why (insert organization/group name) is participating in APHA’s Billion Steps Challenge. We’ve created a team called (insert team name). When you join you’ll be able to track how many steps you take, see total steps for our team and the collective progress of all teams toward the goal of more than 1 billion steps. You can sync your step counting device or enter steps manually if you don’t have a device. So register today, and let’s get walking! We’ll have a lot of fun, improve our heath, and walk more than any other team! Join today!

Step 3: Get your team moving

Think about what motivates your group to keep moving:

  • Set a goal for your team's total steps. The Walker Tracker app makes it easy to see just how far you've come by mapping your progress on its Epic Walks Around the Globe.
  • Go "streaking" — Walk 10,000 or more steps each day for 30 days.
  • Give a small prize to the top walker on your team each week or month.
  • Challenge another department or a similar organization to a walking competition.

Pick a place to get moving!

  • Walk to work on a sunny day.
  • Take a hike with your family.
  • Participate in a mall-walking event.
  • Walk around a local park.
  • Walk inside your local museums.

It can also be as simple as setting a time and place for your group to walk on a regular basis. Frequent communication and encouragement will help keep your team on the right path.

Questions? Email us.

Need more help? 

Use the support tab at the bottom right of the Walker Tracker website to ask questions, or click "More" in the app and select "Contact Support" for questions and quick responses.