If You Can't Gather

COVID-19 has thrown a curveball at National Public Health Week. Events have been postponed, canceled or modified. Yet everyone's mind is on public health, and there are still lots of ways to celebrate NPHW while keeping our communities healthier.NPHW 2020, For science. For action. For health.

  • Turn your in-person panel and conversation events into webinars. Online platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting have free versions of their software to make connecting over the web easy and fun. Plus, when you’re meeting virtually, you may see other participants’ adorable pets!
  • Get more social. Post our social media shareables, or make your own with our templates, to get your message out to as many people as possible. Don’t forget to RSVP for the April 8 Twitter Chat!
  • Find movement opportunities at home. The Billion Steps Challenge doesn’t have to stop. You can rack up the steps moving around your home. Try YouTube videos of different physical activities, and then use the Walker Tracker app to convert them into steps. That’s progress!
  • Focus on health at home. Share reputable resources about protecting yourself from COVID-19 with your neighbors. Post Get Ready fact sheets in your apartment building or share our videos on your community listserv.

The work of public health never stops, so this NPHW, let’s all work together to stop the spread of the virus.