Public Health is Where You Are infographic

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 Public Health is Where You Are three community scenes 
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 Racism: A Public Health Crisis, people protesting
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Public Health Workforce: Essential to our Future, eight public health workers
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Community: Collaboration and Resilience, people building an upward graph together 
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World Health Day: Health is a Human Right, five people showing vaccination bandages
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Accessibility: Closing the Health Equity Gap person in wheelchair person on bike 
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Climate Change: Taking Action for Equity, figures recycling, walking, composing, etc.
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Mental Wellness: Redefining the Meaning of Health: figures topping a woman's head with flowers

Keep It Moving Challenge

Keep it Moving Challenge man jogging Keep it Moving Challenge, woman stretching 
 Keep it Moving Challenge, mother and daughter walking in woods Keep it Moving Challenge, grandfather dancing with granddaughter 
 Keep It Moving Challenge, woman in warrior pose Keep It Moving Challenge, man playing wheelchair basketball
 Keep It Moving Challenge, man and boy gardening  Keep It Moving Challenge, two women in kayaks



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