Letter from APHA Executive Director Georges C. Benjamin, MD

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Georges Benjamin

Dear Public Health Enthusiast,

The past few years have challenged and changed each of us, our communities and the field of public health in numerous ways. Keeping ourselves healthy in a pandemic, disconnection from our communities and added pressure on the public health workforce are just a few obstacles we have faced. For that, the theme of National Public Health Week 2023 is “Centering and Celebrating Cultures in Public Health.” We want to highlight and recognize the way our communities and their diverse cultures have demonstrated resiliency and continue to influence our hard work to make the U.S. a healthier, more equitable and just nation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the visibility of social inequities prevalent in and between our communities. It has also shown us the importance of a robust public health system that is informed by the cultural nuances of the communities being served. Celebrating and centering cultures is our way of helping to make cultural humility a standard within public health. Our daily themes show how public health issues are connected, how they have an influence on each other and how they affect different communities. Learning more about public health issues within communities and their cultural frameworks will allow us the greatest opportunities to find the best possible solutions so we can become the healthiest nation.

Our overall goal is to ensure that our communities are healthy, safe and connected. APHA welcomes you to join our virtual events from wherever you are. Use this toolkit to plan your own events within the community. As always, look to our public health officials for current guidelines and updates on how to come together safely and keep each other healthy.

We are all integral to improving our public’s health. By coming together and learning from our cultural differences, we can use our collective power and knowledge to make the greatest positive impact.

We look forward to celebrating you, our communities and the cultures that make it all possible.

In health and solidarity,

Georges C. Benjamin, MD
Executive Director
American Public Health Association