Help Promote National Public Health Week

NPHW is a great opportunity to raise awareness about your organization and public health! Promote your events, share tools and resources from APHA, highlight your organization or get to know others who are committed to public health. APHA makes it easy to build your communications strategy for NPHW.

Promote through social media

Social media is the easiest way to join in the conversation and get others excited about NPHW. Not on social media yet? Check out the recorded Social Media 101 and Social Media 201 training videos from previous years and get your accounts ready now. 

Whether you’re planning to participate in or host an event, online or offline, you can enhance your engagement with NPHW by using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

On Twitter:

  • Follow @NPHW across all your organizational and staff accounts!
  • Actively favorite and retweet tweets posted by @NPHW.
  • Use the official NPHW hashtag, #NPHW, in your tweets so you tweets show up when someone searches for more about NPHW.
  • Like and engage with people who post about your NPHW event or your organization.
  • Spend time in the lead-up to NPHW — as well each day during NPHW — engaging with other people and groups using #NPHW.
  • Tweet multiple times leading up to NPHW to build anticipation, and tweet 2-4 times daily during NPHW (or more!). Answer questions and address comments people send to you or that they post using #NPHW.

On Facebook:

  • Keep an eye on social media! Engage in a two-way conversation by liking, commenting, sharing, reposting and addressing any comments or questions that people make.
  • Create an event page to organize your event, invite people and post reminders and updates.
  • Boost posts promoting your event for $25-$50, which can help target audiences you want to participate.
  • Post to Facebook 1-3 times per day during NPHW — Facebook's algorithm favors pages and profiles that are more active.

On photo-sharing platforms like Instagram:

  • Share photos with your supporters and other public health groups.
  • Use Instagram to capture compelling moments during NPHW and be sure to engage with other people using the #NPHW tag on Instagram by liking and commenting on their posts.

Social media post examples
Tailor these to your organization or event and use on every platform.

NPHW 2022 Theme: "Public Health is Where You Are"

  • Where we live impacts our health and wellbeing. We can make our communities healthier, stronger and safer! Join @PublicHealth and [YOUR ORG HANDLE HERE] April 4-10 for #NPHW to remind everyone that “Public Health is Where You Are.” Visit
  • Having support and feeling included within our communities can have a positive effect on our mental and physical health. This #NPHW, let’s contribute to our communities’ health by recognizing that “Public Health is Where You Are.” Visit
  • Join @PublicHealth and [YOUR ORG HANDLE HERE] April 4-10 for #NPHW, “Public Health is Where You Are,” as we work to make it easier for communities to access the public health resources they need to achieve the highest level of health. Visit Public Health Week 2022 highlights the fact that “Public Health is Where You Are” and reminds everyone that everything starts with all of us. Join [YOUR ORG HANDLE HERE] and @PublicHealth online April 4-10: #NPHW

NPHW 2022 Daily Themes

Monday: Racism: A Public Health Crisis

Racist inequities in health care, income, housing, education have widened during the COVID-19 pandemic, harming health and well-being. We must address the public health crisis of racism and advance racial equity to improve health. #NPHW 

Tuesday: Public Health Workforce: Essential to our Future

The public health workforce is essential to our future. Let’s support these professionals and strengthen the public health authority for better health outcomes in all of our communities, now and in the future. #NPHW

Wednesday: Community: Collaboration and Resilience

We must work together to improve housing, education, food, transportation and the environment to support equity, resilience and the health of our communities and the people who live, work, play and learn there. #NPHW

Thursday: World Health Day: Health is a Human Right

Celebrate World Health Day this National Public Health Week by supporting continued funding for U.S. global health efforts. We are all connected, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown. Let’s work together to make the world a safer place for everyone. #NPHW

Friday: Accessibility: Closing the Health Equity Gap

We can close the health equity gap by reducing health disparities in health insurance, increasing physical accessibility to care, improving availability of appropriate care and building more inclusive public health programs and communities. #NPHW

Saturday: Climate Change: Taking Action for Equity

While climate change hurts everyone, people of color and those with lower incomes experience greater health harms. APHA is at the forefront, calling for equity and investment in local solutions that meet community needs. Join us. #NPHW

Sunday: Mental Wellness: Redefining the Meaning of Health

Each year, one in five Americans will experience mental illness. Mental health is public health. Prevention, early detection and treatment of mental health conditions can lead to improved physical and community health. #NPHW

Promote with email newsletter or blog post

Want to send an email about National Public Health Week to your constituents, members or followers? You can build on the language below, or trim it down to include in a newsletter or turn into a blog post.


Dear XX,

National Public Health Week is coming up fast, and we want you to join us! [Insert organization] will be recognizing the work of public health and taking part in the week by [insert your plans for NPHW].

Here are some other ways to get involved in NPHW:

  • Sign up for the Keep It Moving Challenge. (link to
  • Become an official NPHW Partner. (link to
  • Check out these NPHW fact sheets on the NPHW daily themes and how we can build a healthier nation. (link to
  • Join the 2021 NPHW Twitter chat at 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 6, with the hashtag #NPHWChat.

You can learn more about National Public Health Week at We look forward to celebrating with you!

Promote to the media

The same best practices apply whether you’re pitching print, TV, radio or online media:

  • Send a pitch email with a news release or media advisory at least a week before your event. Many journalists are on tight deadlines and may have to file a story about your event the same day it takes place — but giving plenty of advance notice gives reporters time to gather information and arrange interviews before the event and helps them meet their quick deadlines. 
  • After you send your pitch, follow up with a phone call. For print journalists, call during the middle of the day, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., to avoid calling when they’re on deadline. For radio, call between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. or after 10 a.m. to reach reporters before and after their morning drive-time shows. Offer to answer questions and provide reporters with more information!
  • If you get an editor or reporter on the phone, explain your event’s purpose, what makes your point of view newsworthy and why what you’re calling them about is relevant to their audience. Why should their publication or program care about NPHW? What sets your event or program apart from the rest of what is going on in your community? How does your event offer solutions to pressing health problems in your community? How is your event relevant to the day's top political news?
  • Follow up to remind media about your event a few days before.
  • For TV and radio, be sure to follow up again the morning of your event, before 8:30 a.m.
  • If a story about your NPHW event is published or broadcast, please let us know. Send an email or link to