NPHW 2023 Twitter Chat

Join us for the 2023 NPHW Twitter Chat on Wednesday, April 5 from 2-3 p.m. ET. We'll chat about all things public health, celebrate everything public health has accomplished and talk about where the movement is going.

Make sure you RSVP online and follow @NPHW on Twitter to get updates about the chat. Use the official hashtag, #NPHWchat, in your tweets so users can easily search for what you and others are saying during the event.

Twitter Chat Questions

  • Q1 Our cultures have always shaped our health. How do you bring your culture into your work? What is its impact? #NPHWChat @UnitedHealthGrp
  • Q2 The first day of #NPHW focused on community. How have you seen communities successfully address public health challenges? #NPHWChat @UnitedHealthGrp
  • Q3 Partnerships are a critical component of public health. How are you engaging across communities and cultures to work toward health equity? #NPHWChat @UnitedHealthGrp
  • Q4 Yesterday was Student Day for #NPHW! What are the challenges for new public health professionals and what advice can you offer?? #NPHWChat @UnitedHealthGrp
  • Q5 This is our fourth #NPHW in the COVID-19 era. How will communities be working together to build resilience going forward, especially as the public health emergency is lifted next month? #NPHWChat @UnitedHealthGrp
  • Q6 Many people say public health work is a calling to serve their communities. What inspires you to continue the work of public health? #NPHWChat @UnitedHealthGroup
  • Q7 This year’s #NPHW theme is “Centering and Celebrating Cultures in Health.” One thing that’s at the core of every culture: Food! How do you find nourishment, both literally and figuratively, in everyday and in celebrations? #NPHWChat @UnitedHealthGrp

Special thanks to UnitedHealth Group for supporting this year's Twitter Chat.

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