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Belonging, community and cultural connections can affect our health, well-being and overall quality of life. Let’s continue partnering across public, private and cultural spheres to create healthier people, families, communities and eventually the healthiest nation. We can do it — if we work together.

We hope during NPHW 2024 you will spark new conversations and engage new stakeholders in your community. The future of public health depends on collaboration and our commitment to making it accessible to all. Together we can make our communities happier, healthier and stronger!

Each year, National Public Health Week provides new tools and tips to help you effectively shape and promote activities and key messages during the week. We hope these resources will help you continue to engage your communities to promote public health and prevention.

Our NPHW Toolkit features sample social media posts, information about engaging your community and more! 

Download logos and other NPHW images.

National Public Health Week